• Tortillachips

    Basket of tortilla chips 2,00
    Chili sauce 1,25
    Cheese sauce 2,25
    Guacamole 2,00
    Garlic sauce 2,00


    Tomate sopa de coco 7,00
    Tomato-coco soup
    Sopa de Abuela 7,00
    Creamy vegetable soup


    Tapas variadas (2p) 20,00
    Dish with small bites such as quesadilla, croquetas etc.
    Mexican nibbles 10,00
    With quesadilla, small nachos picadillo, pico de gallo, bread, chorizo and chipotle aioli
    Portion croquetas 7,00
    Croquettes with Iberico ham and croquettes with spinach, raisins and pine nuts
    Portion onionrings 7,00
    Portion calamares 7,00
  • Small bites

    Nachos 7,00
    Tortilla chips covered with cold chilli sauce, grated cheese and sour cream
    Poppers 7,00
    Crunchy peppers filled with cream cheese
    Albondigas 7,00
    Homemade Mexican meatballs in a tomato-coriander sauce
    Pinchos de Pollo 7,00
    Spiced chicken skewers with chipotle aioli
    Fondue con Chorizo (2 pers) 7,00
    With chorizo, tequila and 3 different kinds of cheese, served with tortillachips and bread
  • Quesadillas

    Two Quesadillas 7,00
    Small stuffed tortillas from the griddle, on the side chipotle ailoi and a small salad
    Your choice:
    Quesadilla Classic
    With cheese, chilisauce and jalapeños peppers
    Quesadilla Salmón
    With guacamole, peas, potato, fresh herbs and salmon
    Quesadilla Queso de Cabra
    With corn, spinach, fresh herbs and goat cheese
    Quesadilla Batata
    With sweet potato, herbs, caramelized garlic and pepper oil

Main course

  • Classics

    Tortillas - dish 15,00
    Your choice: Pollo (spicy chicken) Picadillo (spicy ground beef) Frijoles (red kidney beans) Tortilla chips on a plate covered with your choise, iceberg lettuce, tomato and corn, topped with grated cheese, with a scoop of sour cream
    Enchiladas 15,00
    Your choice: Pollo (spicy chicken) Picadillo (spicy ground beef) Frijoles (red kidney beans) Ovenbaked dish with small soft tortillas, rolled, filled with tomato, spinach and cheese, with your choice and topped with chilisauce,grated cheese and sour cream
    Enchiladas de pescado 15,00
    Ovenbaked dish with small soft tortillas, rolled, filled with tuna, cucumber, corn, cheese and coriander-tomato sauce, topped with grated cheese and sour cream
    Burrito Autentico (enchilada style) 15,00
    Your choice: Pollo (spicy chicken), Picadillo (spicy ground beef), Frijoles (red kidney beans) Burrito authentically filledwith rice, black turtle beans your choice and tomatosalsa covered with chilisauce, cheese, and a scoup of sour cream
    Flautas 17,50
    Fried, rolled tortilla filled with your choice: Flautas, mildly seasoned chicken with bell pepper and corn, Pollo, spicy chicken with tomato and corn, Picadillo, spicy ground beef with tomato and corn, Frijoles, red kidneybeans wtih tomato and corn. Salad, yellow rice, chilisauce, guacamole and sour cream
    Variacion a la Tortillas 36,00
    (for two persons) For the one who wants to try more 4 dishes; ground beef, chicken, mild & spicy and red kidneybeans, flour tortillas, salad, guacamole, sour cream and chili sauce
  • Fajitas

    Fajitas Beef Tenderloin 18,00
    From the griddle, with bell pepper and onion. On the side baked tortillas, rice, garlic sauce, chipotle BBQ sauce and a fresh Mexican salad
    Fajitas Pulled Chicken 15,00
    From the griddle with bell pepper and onion. On the side baked tortillas, rice, garlic sauce, chipotle BBQ sauce and a fresh Mexican salad
    Fajitas Gambas and Salmón 17,50
    Baked Gambas and Salmon, fresh spinach with caramelized garlic pepper oil. On the side baked tortillas and a fresh Mexican salad
    Fajitas Vegetariano 15,00
    From the griddle, with grilled goat cheese, fresh spinach, baked vegetables (bellpepper, chickpeas, black turtle beans) apple with orange dressing


    Elote 3,95
    Corn on the cob with seasoned cream
    Baked potato 2,75
    With sour cream
    Bowl Batata 3,25
    Fried sweet potato with carlic pepper oil
    Spiced french fries 2,75
    Mayonnaise 0,75
    Sour cream 1,50
    Jalapenos peppers 2,50
    Extra flour tortilla 0,50
  • Tex Mex

    Mexican Ribs 17,50
    With seasoned french fries and your choice of chipotle BBQ sauce or honey syrup
    Steak (200 gr) 18,00
    Tender beef with a creamy garlic sauce and chipotle BBQ sauce, onion rings, salad, french fries or baked potato with sour cream
    Los Gigantos (340 gr) 17,50
    King size beef-hamburger with bacon, onion rings, seasoned french fries and a home made sauce of choice. Sauces: chipotle aioli, chipotle bbq, garlic sauce, cheddar cheese sauce, chilisauce and jalapenos
    TexMex Pepperburger (180 gr) 15,00
    Beef hamburger with bacon, onion rings, seasoned french fries and a home made sauce of choice. Sauces; chipotle aioli, BBQ chipotle, garlic sauce, cheddar cheese sauce, chili sauce and jalapenos


    Ensalada Mexicana 7,00
    Iceberg lettuce, fresh spinach, corn, pico de gallo, cucumber, olive, black turtle beans, garlic dressing and guacamole
    Ensalada Mucho Mas Pollo 15,00
    Meal salad with tasty chicken, iceberg lettuce, fresh spinach, cucumber, corn, pico de gallo, fresh fruit, a fresh creamy orange dressing and a baked tortilla
    Ensalada Mucho Mas Queso 15,00
    Meal salad with grilled goat cheese, iceberg lettuce, fresh spinach, cucumber, corn, pico de gallo, fresh fruit, a fresh creamy orange dressing and a baked tortilla
    Ensalada Mucho mas Salomón 15,00
    Meal salad with smoked Salmon, iceberg lettuce, fresh spinach, pico de gallo, fresh fruit, a fresh creamy orange dressing and a baked tortilla


  • Desserts

    Churros 5,00
    With canella sugar,chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
    Dama blanca 5,00
    Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream
    Pay de nuez 6,00
    Home-made chocolate nut pie and whipped cream
    Chocolate delight 5,00
    Coupe delicious chocolate mousse with whipped cream
    Bitterkoekjesmousse 5,00
    With whipped cream and caramelized almondcrunch
    Frozen Mojito 7,00
    Delicious lemon sorbet with fresh mint and rum
    Vanilla icecream with cherries 5,00
    Vanilla icecream with cherry compote a touch of cinnamon and chocolate, whipped cream and caramelized almondcrunch
  • Grand Dessert

    Grand dessert (2 persons) 14,00
    Combination of our desserts

    Café con Dulces

    Café con Dulces 6,00
    Coffee with sweet treats


    Likeuren vanaf 4,50
    Tres Amigos Licor 6,00
    Taste three different liqueurs
    Tres Amigos Tequila 7,00
    Taste three different tequilas
  • Cafe Especial

    Café Caramel 5,00
    Cappuccino, whipped cream, caramel syrup
    Café crunch 5,00
    Cappuccino, whipped cream, almond syrup and almond crunch
    Mexican coffee 7,00
    Tequila, kahlua, whipped cream
    Irish coffee 7,00
    Jameson whisky, brown sugar, whipped cream
    Italian coffee 7,00
    Amaretto, whipped cream
    Spanish coffee 7,00
    Likeur 43, whipped cream


  • Five course menu

    Changing menu, minimum of 2 persons
    Want to try someting else?
    Ask the staff.
  • Tapasmenu

    25,00 pp
    (minimum of 2 persons)
    A variety of meat, fish and vegetarian tapas served in three courses

    Group menu

    23,50 pp
    Starter: Tortilla chips with sauce
    Main course: Variacion a la Tortillas (discription see menu especial)
    Dessert: Dama Blanca or Coffee/Tea


  • Mexican Beers

    Corona 4,95
    Best promoted Mexican beer
    Desperados 4,95
    Tequila flavoured beer
    Modelo Especial* 4,95
    Blond Mexican beer
    Negra Modelo* 4,95
    Dark Mexican beer
    * = If available
    For more Mexican beers ask staff


    Draught Beers 2,75
    Draught Beers 4,75
    0,5 L
    Bottled Beers 3,50

    Soft drinks

    Softdrinks per bottle from 2,50
    Bottle of mineral water 3,50

    Juices & Soda's*

    Fresh squeezed orange-juice 4,00
    Jarritos Pineapple (370 ml) 3,95
    Jarritos Mango 3,95
    Pimiento 3,95
    Spicy Gingerbeer
    Fentimans 3,95
    Ginger Beer (275 ml)
    Fentimans 3,95
    Rose lemonade (275)
    Three Cents 3,50
    Pink grapefruit soda
    Three Cents 3,50
    Gentlemen's soda
    *if available

    Special Coffees

    Mexican Coffee 6,75
    coffee, tequila, kahlua, whipped cream
    Irish Coffee 6,75
    coffee, whiskey, whipped cream
    Spanish Coffee 6,75
    coffee, licor 43, whipped cream
    Italian Coffee 6,75
    coffee, amaretto, whipped cream
    Café con Dulces 5,95
    coffee with sweets
    Café Caramel 4,00
    cappuccino with whiped cream and caramel
    Café Crunch 4,00
    cappuccino with whipped cream, almondsyrup and almondcrunch
  • Spirits

    Sangria 5,25
    Sangria 19,75
    1 liter
    Wines per bottle 19,75
    Prosecco 7,95
    Small Bottle
    Port 3,00
    Whisky's 4,50
    Liqueurs 4,50

    House wine

    Glass 3,75
    0,5 Liter 13,50
    Bottle 19,50


    Tea various flavours 2,30
    Caffeïne-free coffee 2,50
    Coffee 2,30
    Espresso 2,30
    Double espresso 3,60
    Cappuccino 2,50
    Café latte 2,50
    Cold chocolate milk 2,50
    Hot chocolate milk 2,95
    with whipped cream
    Hot Chocolate with your choice of liqueur 6,75
  • Tequilas

    Shot of tequila Silver 3,50
    Shot of Tequila Gold 3,75
    Mezcal vanaf/from 3,90
    Corralejo Blanco 3,75
    100% Agave
    Corralejo Reposado 4,50
    Four months matured in oak barrels
    Corralejo Anejo 5,25
    Matured for at least 12 months in a burned oak wooden barrel
    Patron Tequila Anejo 7,50
    Very special old tequila
    Want to taste more? Ask our staff!

    Tres Amigos

    Tres Amigos Liquor 5,50
    Tasting of 3 different liquors
    Tres Amigos Tequila 6,50
    Tasting of 3 different tequilas

    Mexican Liqueurs

    Tequila Rose 4,50
    Patron XO 5,00
    Kahlua 4,50


  • Mexican

    Margaritha 6,50
    National cocktail of Mexico, tequila, triple sec and lemon juice
    Margaritha 23,00
    Strawberry Margaritha 6,95
    margaritha with strawberry
    Tequila sunrise 6,50
    tequila, orange juice, grenadine
  • Cocktails

    Paloma 6,50
    Tequila, grapefruit-soda
    Mojito 6,95
    rum, lime, mint, canesugar, sodawater
    Cuba Libre 6,50
    rum, cola, lime
    Caipirinha 6,95
    cachaca, lime, canesugar
    Mezcal Mule 7,50
    Mezcal, gingerbeer, limejuice
    Piña Colada 6,95
    Malibu, cocosyrup, cream, orangejuice
    Rye Frontier 6,95
    Bulleit rye, Gentleman's soda
    Perfect Storm 6,95
    Gun's Bell spiced rum, gingerbeer, lemonjuice
    Pink Flower 6,95
    Elderflower liqueur, pink grapefruit soda
    Cuba Libre 6,50
    Havanna Club rum, lemonjuice, cola
    Various Gin-tonic's vanaf/from 6,25
  • Alcohol free

    Early sunrise 5,25
    alcoholfree cocktail based on fresh orange juice
    Virgin Mojito 5,25
    alcoholfree cocktail with mint and lime
    Piña Colada 0% 5,50
    Cocosyrup, cream, orangejuice